Bootlegger Co, Distilled

Bootlegger Co Barrel Outfit American whiskeys Bootlegger Co co-founders Brian Tung and Robert Davies

The Mission

We connect craft distillers with whiskey drinkers eager to explore more sophisticated, higher-quality brands — without emptying their wallets on a full bottle of spirits they’ll never drink. We also strive to enhance the drinking experience by bringing you the stories behind the brands.

The Product

Designed for those who want to try new whiskeys and support craft distillers but don’t know where to start, our Bootlegger Co Barrel Outfits are expertly curated sampler boxes stocked with three 200-milliliter bottles, enabling you to expand your whiskey horizons relatively risk-free. Our box is the needle in the vast haystack that is the whiskey aisle. Of course, our whiskeys go down a lot smoother. Solving decision fatigue, however, is only part of the Bootlegger Co story.

The Partners

Through partnerships with some of the country’s best craft distillers, we make it possible for you to sample bottles you might not otherwise try. As stewards of those brands, we showcase the distillers behind the bottles, celebrating the journey your whiskey took to get to your glass.

All bottles in our boxes are stamped with QR codes, leading you to each brand’s story with just one scan. We like to think our Bootlegger Co Barrel Outfits are your gateway to discovering the most incredible whiskeys and craft distillers hidden across the country.

Drink thoughtfully,
Robert Davies and Brian Tung

Meet Our Outfits

Today’s whiskey drinkers face two conundrums: finding access to quality regional pours and squandering money on a new spirit that’s no friend to their taste buds. We solve both with the Bootlegger Co Barrel Outfit, a sampler box with three of the highest-quality American craft whiskeys from around the country.

Pennington Bottle CatoctinBottle
You’re a box away from expanding your whiskey horizons.